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All latch assemblies are precision-machined in the USA and consist of Mil-spec anodized, non-corrosive alloys suitable for aerospace and marine interiors. Each completed assembly is tested for fit, form and function prior to shipment. Material test reports and process certifications are maintained on file.

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TL 1166-P
Mini Touch Latch

with Built-in Pusher


- Pusher inhibits inadvertent release and reduces vibration
- 0.06” travel to open/close
- 200+ lbs static load
- suitable for aviation and marine environments
- strike available in two styles per drawing
- strike shown Part No. 1012

Specification Drawing TL1166-P
Load Data TL1166-P
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Industrial Touch Latch (Magnetic)
Part No. 20125LP

-10 lbs force opens large doors
-1-1/4” bolt extension
-2 mm travel required to release
-Black or satin aluminum finish
-Strike plate included

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This item can be purchased online at Better Building Hardware.

Specification Drawing
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Magnetic Touch Latch

- 6 lbs compression spring force
- 3/4” bolt extension
- Available in black or satin finish
- 0.08” travel to release
- Strike plate included

Specification Drawing
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TL 1150 SMP
High Load Touch Latch

- 400+ lbs. Static load
- Non-corrosive materials
- Ideal for curved cabinets

Specification Drawing
Load Data
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TL 860
Medium Load Touch Latch

- 225+ lbs. Static load
- Non-corrosive materials
- Ideal for curved cabinets
- Use with 1012 strike
- May be combined with 1170 pusher/mount plate

Specification Drawing
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TL860 open closed

TL 1170
High-Load Touch Latch Assembly

- 5 or 10 # pusher force
- inhibits inadvertent latch release
- assembly shown includes TL1150 latch; pusher/mount plate and 1157 strike-
- multiple functions w/single installation

Specification Drawing
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tl1170 open

tl1170 closed

Mount Plate w/Pusher

- for use with TL1150 and TL860 Latch
- pusher force 5# or 10#

1170 Mount Plate w/Pusher

TL 1000 RMP
Durable Mini Latch

- 70 lb static load
- maintains alignment
- installs with standard inserts
- assembly includes latch, mount plate, catch

Specification Drawing
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Interior BBJ cabinetry using TL1000RMP mini latches for all applications.
Pearwood cabinets fabricated by Jet Craft Products, Long Beach, CA

Mini Latch

- 70 lb static load
- non-corrosive components
- maintains alignment - install with catch PN 1012 (not included)
- install with shim (included)

Specification Drawing
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